Cyber Security

Cyber Security Solutions from Blue Tech

Blue Tech's Cyber Security Test Lab

Blue Tech has established a cyber-security test lab at our San Diego headquarters to test, recommend, and implement security solutions to protect corporate enterprises from malicious attacks. We test new solutions and combine them with traditional technologies to see how they behave and then compare their intended protection functionality. This test environment exposes vulnerabilities and the different ways we are able to protect against them.

Product Highlight: IP DEFENSE

Blue Tech is proud to offer a Cyber Security Suite called IP DEFENSE™ that is comprised of two flagship solutions.


RightsWatch from Watchful Software – RightsWatch is a Data Classification and Encryption technology that automates the classification of unstructured data and emails. It doesn’t disrupt the user’s workflow and allows the automation of security policies to be applied to data and emails without user intervention. It does this by doing the following:

  • Identifying sensitive data –based on content, context, scope, and company
  • Classifying data –automated based on your compliance policies
  • Marking the data –labeling, watermarking, tagging (Adding Meta Data), and fingerprinting
  • Protecting the data –by encrypting a restricting activities such as viewing, editing, forwarding, printing or even taking screenshots of said data
  • Providing a central UI for deep forensics analysis and complete audit trail – to determine which data is being used, who is using the data, how they are using the data

If you would like to know more, there are two short videos on how this technology works:

Citadel Integrated System with Immunity from Vir2us – Immunity is a solution that provides “immunity” to Cyber Security Threats. It supersedes the need for antivirus or firewall threat scanning solutions.

  • Vir2us (pronounced "virtuous") thinks differently about cyber secure computing. They recognized that aging computer designs were not architected for today's cyber connected world and that an innovative and fundamental change in the way computing resources were managed was required. The result is a patented secure computing platform that makes endpoint computing immune to both known and unknown cyber-borne threats.
  • Citadel is a fully integrated system for real-time monitoring, defense and response to cyber threats against nation states critical infrastructure that quickly intercepts cyber threats before they become active, and provides actionable data for real-time planned response. Citadel incorporates the patented Vir2us Immunity technology to deliver 99.99%-100% end-point security in classified data environments and for securing critical infrastructure and digital assets.

To hear stories of how these cyber security solutions are having real impacts, check out the following videos: